The Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum - Wood


10 years after the first extremely successful collaboration for a Signature Snare with the jack-of-all-trades and close #SONORfamily member Benny Greb, the Benny Snare is back and has even brought reinforcements. As Benny would say: it’s not just an update, it’s an upgrade.
The all-new Benny Greb Signature Brass model features a Vintage Brass Finish and Teardrop lugs on a 1.2mm Brass shell. It has the warmth and roundness typical for this material. Pleasant overtones accentuate edge rim shots. The dimensions – copied from the original wood version – gives it bottom end and snare sensitivity. All of which makes it Benny’s favorite metal shell snare drum ever made.

Scandinavian Birch
Semi Gloss
Centered „Bubinga“ inlay

Material: Beech
Construction: 9 plies = 5 mm
Shell hardware finish: Chrome plated, vintage lugs
Diameter: 13”
Depth: 5,75
Features: With MonoRail dampener and Dual Glide strainer