Hand-selected by Benny Greb: MEINL 20" BYZANCE VINTAGE SAND RIDE


Because of the great demand, we decided together with Meinl to start a second Benny Greb cymbal special. From now on you can pre-order the hand-selected cymbals in our shop again. Benny will announce dates for the next selection-session soon. Please note that we are not able to tell you an exact shipping date for the cymbals yet, but they will likely be shipped early 2021. We will keep you updated.

By ordering this product you will receive a cymbal that will be personally hand-selected especially for you by Benny Greb

It comes with :
- laser engravement „hand-selected by Benny Greb“
- a certificate signed by Benny that features the unique serial number
- a little video clip of the selection process that shows Benny at the Meinl Factory

I’m absolutely in love with my 20“ Sand Ride, and I worked on this cymbal for a very long time to get it exactly right. It is the only cymbal I know that provides “the essential 3“ ( as I call them) so balanced and perfectly.
1. It has an outstandingly dry and fast stick sound with a very quick decay.
2. It has a pleasant and controlled wash underneath and is also crashable.
3. The bell has a clear, bright and articulate voice, unusual for a sweet and nuanced full ride like this.
I saw and heard this ride doing a great job with heavy metal bands and at jazz festivals alike. At Meinl they told me that this cymbal still requires the most production steps performed by hand … but I think it’s worth it!