Hand-selected by Benny Greb: MEINL 14" BYZANCE VINTAGE SAND HI-HAT


Because of the great demand, we decided together with Meinl to start a second Benny Greb cymbal special. From now on you can pre-order the hand-selected cymbals in our shop again. Benny will announce dates for the next selection-session soon. Please note that we are not able to tell you an exact shipping date for the cymbals yet, but they will likely be shipped mid/end of June 2021. We will keep you updated.

By ordering this product you will receive a cymbal that will be personally hand-selected especially for you by Benny Greb

It comes with :
- laser engravement „hand-selected by Benny Greb“
- a certificate signed by Benny that features the unique serial number
- a little video clip of the selection process that shows Benny at the Meinl Factory

This hi-hat is absolutely special. It is one of the few that still sounds like a hi-hat (and not like a garage door) when you play it super quiet, but it can still cut through when needed. It comes with a lot of nuances and is very, very dynamic and responsive. It is almost like a vintage hi-hat that has been remastered to be even more versatile. I am constantly amazed by this thing and have been playing no other hi-hat since it came out (the only exception being its 16“ inch bigger brother).