Hand-selected by Benny Greb: MEINL 12"/14" GENERATION X TRASH HAT


Because of the great demand, we decided together with Meinl to start a second Benny Greb cymbal special. From now on you can pre-order the hand-selected cymbals in our shop again. Benny will announce dates for the next selection-session soon. Please note that we are not able to tell you an exact shipping date for the cymbals yet, but they will likely be shipped early 2021. We will keep you updated.

By ordering this product you will receive a cymbal that will be personally hand-selected especially for you by Benny Greb

It comes with :
- laser engravement „hand-selected by Benny Greb“
- a certificate signed by Benny that features the unique serial number
- a little video clip of the selection process that shows Benny at the Meinl Factory

Some people think I haven’t used the trash hats for a while, and on the other hand, I have been receiving lots of e-mails for years in which people asked me what I do with the Crash on my left side. Why does it sound so unique, so short, so sizzly?
The answer is: I use the china-like bottom cymbal from these hats.
I place it (bell up) underneath my (normal) Sand Thin Crash to create a trashier sound, give it a sizzling effect and shorten the sustain.
Whenever you heard me play in the past 7 years, I always used it underneath my crash (the only time I can remember I didn’t was at the Buddy Rich tribute show). For a while I even used it underneath my main hi-hat (as can be seen in my appearance at Drumeo or at the Moving Parts / Meinl Drumfest Performance in 2015).
This thing is perfect for this purpose since it has a short sustain and fits nicely into other cymbals (because of the very small bell).

Originally, this was the first signature sound I ever created with Meinl. For quite some time this combination has served me well as auxiliary hats on my right side on an XHat mount. And of course, they still work very well this way. Holes in top and bottom eliminate the air lock effect and provide maximum clarity – a dry, immediate response with a rattling, sizzling sound. The sustain can be adjusted with the wing nut and felts of the cymbal stand. This is one of my favourite customization tricks, and you can now do it, too. Have fun.